Payment card solutions

Paymetric, Inc. provides innovative solutions for managing, protecting and integrating payment card transactions in enterprise systems, such as SAP and legacy ERP, CRM and accounting applications. Paymetric customers benefit by improving return on...

Founded in 1998
Total money raised: $30M

Corporate Headquarters

30022 11175 Cicero Drive
Building 200, Suite 175


Phone: (678)-242-5281

Updated on Oct 4, 2013
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Asif Ramji President & CEO
Larry Wine CEO
Tim Girgenti CMO
Debra South CFO
Geoff Glaser Senior Vice President
Gary Epple CDO
J. Ariel Mendiola Vice President
Karl Perron Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications
Asif Ramji Executive Vice President & GM, Integrated Payment Solutions

August, 2013

Paymetric raised unknown amount in unattributed round from Francisco Partners and Asif Ramji

Paymetric receives majority investment from francisco partners

August, 2011

Paymetric raised $4M in partial round


August, 2009

Paymetric raised $8M in a Series B round from Palomar Ventures and Austin Ventures

E-payment startup Paymetric raises $8M in venture capital

January, 2009

Paymetric raised $11M in unattributed round from Austin Ventures

Paymetric Sells XiBuy App

January, 2005

Paymetric raised $7M in a Series A round from Austin Ventures

Paymetric Announces $7 Million Funding From Austin Ventures; John Thornton and Mike Rovner of Austin Ventures Named to Board of Directors


Paymetric was founded in 1998