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Palantir’s mission is to solve the most important problems for the world’s most important institutions. Palantir was founded in 2004 by a handful of PayPal alumni and Stanford computer scientists. Since then Palantir has doubled in size...

Founded in 2004
Employees: 550
Total money raised: $497.5M


94301-1651 100 Hamilton Avenue
Suite 300

Palo Alto
Palo Alto

Phone: 650-815-0200

Updated on Sep 29, 2013
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Joe Lonsdale Co-Founder
Alexander Karp CEO
Nathan Gettings CTO
Stephen Cohen EVP
Peter Thiel Chairman, Board of Directors
Steve Loughlin
Akash Jain Director of Engineering
Gleb Chuvpilo Advisor
Ross Fubini Advisor
James Thompson Product Designer
Kevin Brown Investor
Steven Plunkett Network Engineer
Jared Weinstein Business Development
Kris Duggan Advisor
Bob McGrew Director of Engineering
Shyam Sankar Director of Forward Deployed Engineering
Patrick Dugan
Brendan Eich Advisor
Todd Medema Forward Deployed Engineer Intern
Tony Askew Investor
Harsh Patel Investor
Brian Bland
David Bernhardt Vice President, Finance
Garry Tan Lead Engineer, Designer
Tim Su Software Engineer
Jason Rodrigues Assistant Controller
Justin Legakis Software Engineer
Kevin Hartz Investor and Advisor
Jonathan Chu Software Engineer
Alex Moore 1st employee - Director, Operations
Gleb Chuvpilo Software Engineer
Garett Gentry Recruiter
Jason Mirra Software Engineering Intern
Alex Moore 1st Employee

September, 2013

Palantir Technologies raised $196.5M in private_equity round

Palantir Is Raising $197M In Growth Capital, SEC Filing Shows

February, 2013

Palantir Technologies acquired Voicegem

Palantir Acqhires Team Behind YC Voice Email Startup Voicegem

May, 2012

Palantir Technologies raised $56M in unattributed round

Palantir Technologies Nabs $56M In New Funding, SEC Filing Shows

October, 2011

Palantir Technologies raised $70M in a Series F round

Palantir Technologies Raises $70 Million At $2.5 Billion Valuation

May, 2011

Palantir Technologies raised $50M in unattributed round

SEC Watch: Palantir Technologies Raises $50 Million In New Funding

June, 2010

Palantir Technologies raised $90M in a Series D round from Founders Fund, Glynn Capital Management, Ulu Ventures, Jeremy Stoppelman, Keith Rabois, and Ben Ling

Palantir: The Next Billion-Dollar Company Raises $90 Million

November, 2009

Palantir Technologies raised $35M in unattributed round


Palantir Technologies was founded in 2004