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Detailed, comprehensive hotel reviews and true photos taken by Oyster’s trained hotel experts who visit each hotel on Oyster. While at the hotel, Oyster’s experts, review photograph and rate the hotel. Oyster’s editors compile...

Founded in 2008
Total money raised: $20.4M

New York Office

10011 75 9th ave

New York
New York
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Ariel Charytan Founder & Chief Creative Officer
Elie Seidman CEO & Co-Founder
Eytan Seidman Co-Founder & Vice President, Product
Jennifer Garfinkel Director, Operations
Scott Friend Board Member
Kelsey Blodget Editorial Director
Ajay Agarwal Board member
Michael Cirello VP, Engineering
Karen Vander VP Operations
Rob Paladino EVP Business Development
Ari Lewine Business Development
Jennifer Garfinkel Editor
David Snitkof Head of Analytics and Marketing
Mike Lewis Software Design Engineer
Kelsey Blodget Editor
Michael Cirello Software Engineer

October, 2013 was acquired by TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor Acquires

June, 2013

Oyster lays off staff Owner Fires Entire Staff

April, 2011 raised $10M in a Series C round from Travel Channel

New York Times

September, 2009 raised $4M in a Series B round from Bain Capital Ventures

Oyster Hotel Reviews Secures $4 Million Second Round of Funding from Bain Capital Ventures

March, 2008 raised $6.4M in a Series A round from Bain Capital Ventures and Accelerator Ventures was founded on March, 2008