Hyper local strategies for publishers

Oxynade helps publishers deploy a hyper-local strategy. Oxynade’s content aggregation platform produces scalable and affordable hyper-local content for publishers such as online newspapers, business directories, social networks and mobile...

Founded in 2007
Employees: 10
Total money raised: $1.5M

Oxynade headquarters

9000 Grauwpoort 1


Phone: +32 9 233 40 09

Updated on Apr 23, 2013
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Hans Nissens Founder & Managing Partner
Folke Lemaitre CTO
Niko Nelissen Founder & board member
Peter Leyder Business Development Director
Luc Devos Board Member
Robin Wauters Partner & Marketing director
Frederik De Wachter Director mobile solution
Jan Vanhoyweghen Director

December, 2008

Oxynade raised $1.4M in a Series A round from Arkafund and Vinnof

February, 2008

Oxynade raised $67.5K in unattributed round

Oxynade receives grant from IWT for innovation

October, 2007

Oxynade was founded on October, 2007

Oxynade raised $67.5K in seed round from Niko Nelissen, Hans Nissens, and Robin Wauters