Path-to-purchase media

OwnerIQ is transforming consumer’s interactions with products and brands along the Path to Purchase into powerful new online advertising solutions and marketing channels. Products include: Ownership Tageting: Reach more potential customers...

Founded in 2006
Total money raised: $28.3M

Corporate Office

02210 27-43 Wormwood St.
4th Floor


Phone: 1-866-870-2295

Updated on Oct 6, 2013
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Doug Shattuck CFO, Co-Founder
Jay Habegger CEO, Co-Founder
Bob Scaglione SVP, Strategic Channel Development
Eric Mabley EVP, Ad Platform
Michael Keohane VP, Software Engineering
Robert Daniel EVP, Sales
Chris Back VP, Ad Platform Technologies
Michael Chass Vice President - Business Development
Brandon Berger Board Member
Mark Connon Advisor
Justin Brown Sr. Director, Product Management
Ji Kim VP, Business Development
Steve Ustaris SVP, Marketing
Axel Bichara Board Member
Eric Hjerpe Board member
Ryan Moore Board Director
Connie Johnson EVP, Media Solutions
Seth Riney VP, Ad Platform Development
Travis D. Connors Board Member
Chris Sheehan Board Member

July, 2012

OwnerIQ raised $7.5M in unattributed round from Longworth Venture Partners

OwnerIQ Closes $7.5M Funding

January, 2012

OwnerIQ acquired DiJiPOP

OwnerIQ buys R.I. ad serving startup DiJipop

June, 2011

OwnerIQ raised $7M in unattributed round from Longworth Venture Partners and Kepha Partners

OwnerIQ Closes $7M Funding

June, 2010

OwnerIQ named in Lead411's "Hottest Boston Companies" list

Lead411 launches "Hottest Boston Companies" awards

December, 2009

OwnerIQ raised $5.8M in a Series C round from Kepha Partners, Atlas Venture, CommonAngels, Egan-Managed Capital, and Massachusetts Technology Development Corporation

Mass High Tech

June, 2008

OwnerIQ raised $6M in a Series B round from Atlas Venture, Egan-Managed Capital, Massachusetts Technology Development Corporation, and CommonAngels

OwnerIQ Secures $6 Million in Series B Funding

October, 2007

OwnerIQ raised $2M in a Series A round from Atlas Venture, Massachusetts Technology Development Corporation, CommonAngels, and Dharmesh Shah

OwnerIQ Secures $2 Million in Series A Funding

August, 2006

OwnerIQ was founded on August, 2006