OpenX is a global leader in digital and mobile advertising technology. OpenX’s vision is to unleash the full economic potential of digital media companies. OpenX solutions provide a unique Software as a Service platform by combining ad serving, an...

Founded in 2008
Employees: 305
Total money raised: $75.5M


91101 888 East Walnut Street


Phone: 626-466-1141

Updated on Sep 11, 2013
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Tim Cadogan Chief Executive Officer
Douglas McPherson SVP & Chief Legal Officer
Jason Fairchild SVP & Chief Revenue Officer
Anke Audenaert VP, Revenue Intelligence
Roger Corn VP, Corporate Development
Michael Todd VP, Engineering
Nicholas Cumins SVP, Products
Qasim Saifee SVP, Monetization Platform
Jonathan Miller Chair, Board of Directors
Al Duncan Head of Communications
Bernard Dallé Board Member
James Aldous Director of Communications
Paul Sternhell GM, Advertising Solutions
Nick Kovac Managing Director, Japan
Nicholas K. Pianim Board Member
Qayed Shareef Advisor
Arlen Coupland Professional Services & Support
Sam Cox VP, Publisher Business Development
Howard Hochhauser Board Member
Dimo Velev Regional Director, DACH
Rick Gombos Chief Financial Officer
Andrew Braccia Board Member
John Linden Board of Advisors
Jason White General Manager, Publisher Business
Ken Parnham Managing Director, EMEA
Nino Marakovic Board Member
Damon Reeve Board Member
Manoj Goyal SVP, Engineering
Matt Reid VP, Marketing
Trevor Thomas VP, National Publisher Business Development
Jonathan Myron Director of Mobile
John Gentry President
James Bilefield CEO
Scott Switzer Founder, Board Member
John Linden CTO
Elizabeth Osder SVP, Strategy and Business Development
Matt Plummer VP, Product Management
Ajitpal Pannu Publisher Solutions VP
Jennifer Langdon Director Engineering
Michael Lum Head of Engineering
Eric Rosenthal GM, Publisher Team East/Enterprise
Douglas McPherson Duplicate
David Tannenbaum Director Of Engineering
Kent Wakeford Advisor
Vincent Pelillo Managing Director EMEA
Saul Klein Board Member
Vincent Pelillo Managing Director, EMEA
Jason Fairchild Duplicate
Eli Calderón Morin Mobile Consultant
Joe Ayyoub Head of Worldwide Services
Charles Brewer Director of User Experience

February, 2013

OpenX Software Raises Additional Tranche in Series E Round

January, 2013

OpenX raised $25M in a Series E round from Samsung Ventures, Accel Partners, Index Ventures, SAP Ventures, Mitsui Global Investment, Presidio Ventures, and Cyber Communications

OpenX Raises $25 Million in Round Led by Samsung Venture Unit

October, 2012

OpenX acquired JumpTime

OpenX acquires JumpTime

September, 2012

Announced hire of Chief Legal Officer, Douglas McPherson

Press Release: OpenX Appoints Douglas McPherson as Chief Legal Officer

February, 2012

OpenX acquired LiftDNA


Acquisition of SSP LiftDNA

Press Release

May, 2011

OpenX raised $20M in a Series D round from SAP Ventures, AOL Ventures, Presidio Ventures, and Mitsui Global Investment

OpenX Secures $20 Million In Series D Funding To Fuel Growth, Acquisitions

May, 2009

OpenX raised $10M in a Series C round from DAG Ventures, Accel Partners, Index Ventures, Mangrove Capital Partners, First Round Capital, and Jonathan Miller

OpenX Keeps On Growing, Raises $10 Million More

May, 2008

OpenX was founded on May, 2008

January, 2008

OpenX raised $15.5M in a Series B round from Accel Partners, First Round Capital, Index Ventures, Mangrove Capital Partners, and O'Reilly AlphaTech Ventures

June, 2007

OpenX raised $5M in a Series A round from First Round Capital, Index Ventures, Mangrove Capital Partners, and O'Reilly AlphaTech Ventures