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OpenPlug is a French company focused on mobile applications development tools and software for mobile phones. Its flagship product, ELIPS Studio is a cross-platform development environment for rich mobile applications. ELIPS Studio is a plugin to...

Founded in 2002
Employees: 30
Total money raised: $15M

Head Office

06903 2600 route des Cretes

Sophia Antipolis
Sophia Antipolis

Phone: +33497245050

Updated on Apr 8, 2010
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Eric Baissus CEO & Co-Founder
Cristian Livadiotti CTO
Nicolas Sauvage VP Sales
Philippe Salaun VP Finance & Admin
Guilhem Ensuque Director Product Marketing
Thomas Watt Director Solutions and Services
Loic Gonnet VP Sales

September, 2010

Open-Plug was acquired by Alcatel-Lucent

Alcatel-Lucent Buys OpenPlug and Flexes its Cross-Platform Mobile Apps Muscle

October, 2006

Open-Plug raised $15M in a Series B round from SG Asset Management Private Equity, Sophia Eurolab, Groupe Siparex, I-Source Gestion, BayTech Venture Capital, and Auriga Partners

Open-Plug raises USD 15 Million in Series B funding


Open-Plug was founded in 2002