Touch-enabled Publishing Platform

Onswipe is a platform that provides a way for publishers of all sizes to make their content and advertising a beautiful experience on touch-enabled devices via Web browser. With Onswipe, media content and advertising will appear and function as they...

Founded in 2010
Total money raised: $6M

10011 39 W. 14th Street
Suite 205

New York
New York
Updated on Jun 26, 2013
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Jason Baptiste CEO
Paul Fisher CTO
Jared Hand CRO
Richard Bloom COO
Juan Pablo Buritica VP of Engineering
E.J Kalafarski VP of Product
Tim Young Investor
Jeremy Bass Business Dev Director
Zach Kubin Director Client Developemnt
Maytal Fligelman Director, Business Development & Sales
Sam Ziba CFO Consultant
Nihal Mehta Angel Investor
Megan Flipp Director Public Relation
Eric Barber Dir Ad Operations
Maria Bolognese Director Public Relation
Andres Barreto Co - Founder / President
Mark Bao Chief Technology Officer

June, 2011

OnSwipe raised $5M in unattributed round from Spark Capital, Lightbank, Lerer Ventures, SV Angel, Morado Venture Partners, ENIAC Ventures, Thrive Capital, betaworks, and Yuri Milner

Spark, Lightbank And Yuri Milner Get In On OnSwipe's $5M "Series Awesome"

February, 2011

iPad publishing software maker OnSwipe is adding some West Coast investor star power

OnSwipe's new backers: Conway and Yahoo founders

January, 2011

OnSwipe raised $1M in seed round from Spark Capital, ENIAC Ventures, Apricot Capital, Jennifer Lum, Roy Rodenstein, Dharmesh Shah, Wayne Chang, SV Angel, Morado Venture Partners, Waikit Lau, and betaworks

OnSwipe Raises $1M for Insanely Simple Tablet Publishing Platform

OnSwipe raised unknown amount in seed round from Techstars

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OnSwipe was founded in 2010