#1 Source for On-site Tech Talent

OnForce is the #1 source for on-site tech talent in field services in the cloud. By partnering with OnForce, service buyers can connect with thousands of highly skilled service professionals to fulfill on-site work throughout the US and Canada. ...

Founded in 2003
Total money raised: $26.8M

02421 10 Maguire Road
Bldg. 2, Suite 232


Phone: 1.888.515.0100

Updated on Jul 9, 2013
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Gabe Miano Co-founder/VP of Product Management
Peter Cannone CEO
Bill Price COO
George D'Errico SVP of Sales & Business Devt.
Diana Ermini Director/Head of Marketing
Todd Krasnow Board Member
Jeffrey Leventhal Founder & CEO
Bill Lucchini COO
Venkat Gaddipati SVP of Technology and CTO
Robert Andrews Vice President of Technology
Jose Bernal SVP of Business Development and Operations
Paul Nadjarian SVP of Marketing and Product
Sanji Alwis Vice President of Sales & Operations
Dana Spiegel Director of Product Development
Bryan Healey Senior Web Engineer

May, 2013

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OnForce Named Winner of the 2013 Red Herring Top 100 North America Award

December, 2011

OnForce iPhone App Launched


November, 2011

OnForce raised $5M in unattributed round from North Atlantic Capital

OnForce Closes New Financing Led by North Atlantic Capital

September, 2007

OnForce raised $6.8M in a Series A round from Accel Partners

January, 2006

OnForce raised $15M in a Series A round from General Catalyst Partners

February, 2003

OnForce was founded on February, 2003