rewards platform for publishers

OneTrueFan is a service that enables users to see who else has viewed and shared the pages they read. Users earn points for engagement – visiting regularly, reading new content, sharing links and driving traffic – and can compete to...

Founded in 2010
Employees: 6
Total money raised: $1.2M

94105 San Francisco
San Francisco

Phone: 1-415-860-5055

Updated on Jun 13, 2012
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Eric Marcoullier Co-CEO
Todd Sampson Co-CEO
Chris Tacy VP Business Development
Steve Ho Senior Developer
Emanuel Miller Senior Developer
Rob Hayes Board of Directors
Corey Reece Senior Developer
Tony Guntharp Senior Developer

September, 2011

OneTrueFan was acquired by BigDoor

BigDoor Media acquires OneTrueFan for gamification expansion

September, 2010

OneTrueFan raised $1.2M in seed round from Bob Pasker, 500 Startups, First Round Capital, SoftTech VC, Andrew Beebe, Josh Jacobs, and David Cohen

OneTrueFan Is The Foursquare For Websites

July, 2010

OneTrueFan was founded on July, 2010