Odeo is a podcasting service and is a division of SonicMountain, a digital media company. Odeo is SonicMountain’s “portal through which they plan to unveil new tools and utilities that improve the podcasting experience.”

Founded in 2005
Employees: 60

10110 500 Fifth Avenue
Suite 1650

New York
New York

Phone: 646-452-4417

Updated on Mar 26, 2013
Odeo at CrunchBase
Dick Moore CEO
Evan Williams Founder
Biz Stone Founder
Eric Rupert Chief Operating Officer
Tim Roberts VP, Product & Marketing
Greg Gershman VP, Search and Engineering
Rick Arturo President
Jeremy LaTrasse Operations Lead
Dom Sagolla Head, Quality
Tony Stubblebine Engineering Director
Joshua Kinberg VP, Product Development
Evan (aka Rabble) Henshaw-Plath Lead Developer
Kevin Systrom Intern
Blaine Cook Lead Developer

March, 2008

Odeo acquired Blogdigger

Odeo Acquires BlogDigger

May, 2007

Odeo was acquired by SonicMountain
for $1M

Breaking: Odeo Acquired By SonicMountain

August, 2005

Odeo raised unknown amount in a Series A round from Charles River Ventures, Mitch Kapor, Joe Kraus, Tim O'Reilly, Ron Conway, Don Hutchinson, Dave Pell, Francesco Caio, Barbara Poggiali, Emanuele Angelidis, James Hong, Ed Zschau, Ariel Poler, Amicus Capital, First Round Capital, FLOODGATE, and SV Angel

Odeo receives funding from Charles River (plus: Kapor, Kraus, O'Reilly, Kopelman, Conway...)

July, 2005

Odeo was founded on July, 2005