Novocell is a stem cell engineering company dedicated to creating, delivering and commercializing cell and drug therapies to treat diabetes and other chronic diseases. Novocell uses its proprietary cell encapsulation technology and expertise in cell...

Total money raised: $45M

92121 3550 General Atomics Court

San Diego
San Diego

Phone: 858-455-3708

Updated on Jun 28, 2012
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Mitchell H. Finer Senior Vice President and Chief Development Officer

July, 2007

Novocell raised $25M in a Series C round from Sanderling Ventures, Asset Management Company, Pacific Horizon Ventures, and Johnson & Johnson Development Corporation

Novocell Raises $25 Million

May, 2006

Novocell raised $20M in unattributed round from Asset Management Company, BD Ventures, Sanderling Ventures, Headland Ventures, The Vertical Group, Johnson & Johnson Development Corporation, Pacific Horizon Ventures, and DFJ Portage Ventures