NeoEdge Networks

NeoEdge Networks is an in game advertising firm.

Founded in 2002
Total money raised: $10M

94041 215 Castro Street
2nd Floor

Mountain View
Mountain View

Phone: (650) 853-8143

Updated on Jun 9, 2011
NeoEdge Networks at CrunchBase
Nolan Bushnell Board Chairman
Alex Terry CEO / President
Steven Woods CEO / Founder
Randy Corke VP Marketing
Michael Babiak SVP Business Development
Dan Servos
Tyler Campaigne QA Engineer
Srikanth Desikan VP Products and Marketing
Richard Quach Technical Advisor
Alex Quilici Director, Board of Directors

December, 2011

NeoEdge Networks was acquired by Double Fusion

Acquires Social/Casual Gaming Platform NeoEdge, Adds Canadian Distribution and Opens NY Sales Office

December, 2010

NeoEdge Networks raised $3M in unattributed round from MMV Financial

NeoEdge Secures $3M To Develop New In-Game Ads

September, 2009

NeoEdge Networks raised $4M in unattributed round from Vanedge Capital and Jefferson Partners

NeoEdge Raises $4 Million In Funding For Casual In-Game Ads

June, 2007

NeoEdge Networks raised $3M in a Series B round from Jefferson Partners and Vimac Ventures

NeoEdge Networks, online game advertising company, raises $3M

May, 2002

NeoEdge Networks was founded on May, 2002