MP Game Studio

Online Game studio

MP is a leading game studio in Latin America that offers a variety of single and multiplayer games for multiple social networks, websites and apple mobile devices. Our games are either original IPs or for well-established third party properties. MP...

Founded in 2000
Employees: 25


1414 Malabia 1545

Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires

Phone: 54 11 4832 9136

Updated on Apr 12, 2011
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Angel Mazzarello Co-Founder
Fernando Piccolo Co-Founder
Fernando Hereñu Art Director
Diego Canepa Director of Game Designer
Ignacio Alles IT Manager

September, 2011

MP Game Studio was acquired by Vostu

Vostu, The Biggest Facebook Game Maker In Brazil, Acquires MP Game Studio

December, 2010

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News: We are very proud to announce that "Copatoon” ( ) game has won the first place In “The Best 5 games of the Years 2010” for Cartoon Network LA. ( Thi

October, 2010

New Release: New game developed in Unity 3D technology. Is a first person shooter game developed for Justified, the new TV show of Space Channel.

September, 2010

NEWS: We are very glad to announce that IQNet and IRAM certify that the organization MP Vision SRL ( MP Game Studio ) for the following field and activities: Development of Advergames, Videogames, Apple Mobile Devices & Applications with social componen

ISO 9001

July, 2010

NEWS:# of "Show de Bola" reached more than 1.000.000 unique users. Do you wanna try? Enjoy it!

NEWS:# of Copatoon in the second month on line: 20.00.000 of matches.played. Do you wanna play the game Enjoy it!


NEWS:# of "Super Summer Brawl" first month on line: 11.120.551 of fights played. Do you wanna try? Enjoy it!


NEWS:We're nominee for the most important award in Creative Communication of Denmark: Creative Circle Award 2010 for


June, 2010

NEW RELEASE: New viewport, new backs, new characters, NEW HIT! 550.000 in 3 days, "Super Brawl Summer" Enjoy it!


NEW RELEASE: New MSN Multiplayer Soccer Game for Coca Cola. Enjoy it!


NEWS: We are very happy to announce that today ‘Copatoon ‘ reached 11M matches played in its first online month.


November, 2000

MP Game Studio was founded on November, 2000