B2B Markplace for Manufacturing is the world’s largest online marketplace for the manufacturing industry, facilitating interaction between buyers and manufacturers. enables sourcing professionals and engineers to quickly and easily locate quality suppliers...

Founded in 2000
Total money raised: $44M

30339 2700 Cumberland Parkway
Suite 500


Phone: 770.444.9686

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Mitch Free President, CEO, Founder
Scott Taylor Chief Technology Officer
Howard Hoover Chief Financial Officer
Jason Putnam Vice President of Sales / General Manager for the Americas
Jason Putnam VP Sales
Patrick Hunter Sr. Vice President, Marketplace Operations
James Jin President, Asia
Jennifer Dorris President, Americas
Francois d'Ivernois General Manager, Europe
Delbert W. Yocam Board
Larry Cheng Board
Roger Blumberg VP, Global Business Development
General Wesley K. Clark Board
Wesley K. Clark Director
Andy Augustine Chief Technology Officer
Steven Roth Chief Marketing Officer
Elizabeth Searcy VP, Global Marketing
Sherwin Krug Sr. VP, Global Business Development
Adam Oaks VP, Sales
Doug Hadaway CFO
Stephen Campbell Board Director
Todd Mcphetridge Marketing Director

January, 2008 raised $26M in a Series D round from Fidelity Ventures, Marc Samwer, Oliver Samwer, and Alexander Samwer

January, 2007 raised $4M in a Series C round from Marc Samwer, Oliver Samwer, and Alexander Samwer

July, 2006 raised unknown amount in a Series B round

September, 2005 raised $14M in a Series A round from Bezos Expeditions

2000 was founded in 2000