Founded in 2003, metaio is a pioneer in the field of Augmented Reality (AR), constantly working on revolutionizing interfaces. We make the digital a natural experience! According to Gartner Inc., Augmented Reality is one of the Top 10 strategic IT...

Founded in 2003
Employees: 65

metaio GmbH

80797 Infanteriestrasse 19
House 4b


Phone: +1-415-814-3376

Updated on Oct 11, 2012
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Thomas Alt CEO
Peter Meier CTO

April, 2010

junaio's API for Andorid for developers open

junaio for Android available in closed beta

March, 2010

New version junaio 2.0 aunched with indoor functionality

new junaio 2.0 - world's first indoor/ outdoor ar platform

December, 2009

Opening up of API to developers

junaio opens up its augmented reality API to developers

November, 2009

junaio, the next generation mobile AR browser is launched

MEtaio, Inc. will Launch it's Mobile Augmented Reality Platform Junaio on November 2nd

February, 2003

metaio was founded on February, 2003