Metabolic Disease Treatment

Metabolex, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company, engages in the discovery and development of novel therapeutics for the treatment of type II diabetes and related metabolic disorders. The company’s products include MBX-102/JNJ 39659100, an oral...

Founded in 1991
Total money raised: $40.6M

94545 3876 Bay Center Place


Phone: (510) 293-8800

Updated on Apr 30, 2013
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Bradley Bolzon Director
Carl Goldfischer Board Member
Ed Penhoet Board of Directors
Tony Evnin Board of Directors
David W. Pritchard Vice President, Business Development and Chief Financial Officer

November, 2009

Metabolex raised $8.6M in unattributed round from Alta Partners, Venrock, Versant Ventures, Bay City Capital, VantagePoint Capital Partners, Novo Ventures, KBC, Pictet Private Equity Investors S.A., Next Chapter Holdings, Charter Life Sciences, Merlin Biomed, and Birchmere Ventures


April, 2007

Metabolex raised $32M in a Series D round from AllianceBernstein, Deerfield Capital Management, T. Rowe Price, Alta Partners, Bay City Capital, Birchmere Ventures, Johnson & Johnson Development Corporation, KBC, Pictet Private Equity Investors S.A., Merlin Biomed, Novo Ventures, VantagePoint Capital Partners, Venrock, Versant Ventures, Biotech Turnaround Fund (BTF), and MPM Capital



Metabolex was founded in 1991