MediaVast provides visual content and related services to print and online media, advertising agencies, broadcast networks, mobile carriers, communication agencies, and other publishing enterprises. It offers a digital photo agency and wire service....

Founded in 1999
Total money raised: $15M

10001 49 West 27th Street
5th Floor

New York
New York

Phone: 212-686-8900

Updated on Jun 16, 2010
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Frederick C. Lane Investor
Justin Kahn Co-founder, VP West Coast Operations
Ryan Born VP Finance & Financial Controller
Craig Peters Senior Vice President

April, 2007

MediaVast was acquired by Getty Images
for $202M

Photo District News

May, 2006

MediaVast raised $15M in a Series C round from QTV Capital, Time Warner Investments, Baroda Ventures, and Ryan Born

MediaVast’s Third Round Funding: $15 Million


MediaVast was founded in 1999