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Martini Media is the digital media and content platform for engaging the audience with the most money and influence online. With more than 1,000 publishers organized across multiple lifestyle and business verticals, Martini Media has helped the...

Founded in 2007
Employees: 30
Total money raised: $33.3M


94107 415 Brannan St

San Francisco
San Francisco

Phone: 888.820.4338

Updated on Oct 1, 2013
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Skip Brand CEO
Gagan Saksena CTO
Abe McCallum Chief Product Officer
Adam Chandler Chief Revenue Officer
Bill Rowley SVP, Business Development & Publishing
Sarah Kate Ellis SVP of global marketing
JD Ambati VP of Strategic Partnerships
Kim Notario Vice President Midwest Region, National Auto Category
Erik Pavelka Chief Operations Officer
Brian Ascher Board Director
Tony Askew Investor
Thomas O'Regan Chief Revenue Officer
Matthew Baggott, Ph.D. Principal Data Scientist
Christopher McKay Board Member
Kevin Brown Board Member
Chris McKay Board Member
Jason Shugars Vice President, Products
Cynthia Serrano VP, East Coast Sales
Manicka Babu VP of Engineering
Chris Redlitz Adviser
Maly Ly Director of Marketing, PR, & Custom Solutions
Alan Murray board member
Alex Magnin Director of Business Development
Bharat Suri Director of Publisher Operations & Client Services

September, 2013

Martini selected as one of top 15 hottest pre-IPO Adtech startups by Business Insider

RANKED: The 15 Hottest Pre-IPO Adtech Startups Right Now

Sarah Kate Ellis Joins Martini Media as SVP of Global Marketing

Global Expansion and Pioneering Products Drive Strategic New Hires for Martini Media

August, 2013

Martini Media Inc raised $14M in a Series D round from Venrock, Granite Ventures, Reed Elsevier Ventures, and Silicon Valley Bank

Martini Media Raises $14M To Target Ads At Rich People

December, 2011

Martini Media Inc raised $13M in unattributed round from Granite Ventures, Reed Elsevier Ventures, Silicon Valley Bank, and Venrock

Marketing Network Martini Media Raises $13 Million

July, 2011

Martini Media Inc acquired The Digital Partnership

Martini Media acquires London-based The Digital Partnership

April, 2011

Martini Media, NetSeer Team to Target Richest Audience Online

Ad Ops Online


Martini Media Boosts Sales Organization

CBS Money Watch

March, 2011

Usama Fayyad has joined Martini Media’s board of directors

Martini Media

Martini Ads Target Affluent Consumers' Offline Buys

MediaPost News

October, 2010

Adam Chandler Joins Martini Media as CRO

Martini Media

June, 2010

Martini Media Inc raised $6.3M in a Series B round from Reed Elsevier Ventures, Granite Ventures, and Venrock

Reed Elsevier Ventures Leads Martini Media’s $6 Million Second Round

January, 2010

Martini Media Inc acquired Decision Maker Media

Martini Media Acquires Decision Maker Media

October, 2008

Martini Media Inc raised unknown amount in a Series A round from Venrock and Coriolis Ventures

Rich Folks' Ad Network Martini Media Raises 1st Round


Martini Media Inc was founded in 2007