Marginize augments every page on the web with an independent space owned by the visitors where they can meet each other and interact freely. Marginize pre-populates that space with existing Twitter content about each page, and allows visitors to...

Total money raised: $2.3M

02139 727 Massachusetts Avenue

Updated on Sep 2, 2013
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Ziad Sultan Founder and CEO
Cyril Ebersweiler Director

December, 2012

Marginize raised $310K in partial round


November, 2011

Marginize raised $1.3M in a Series A round

Marginize chats up investors for a $1.3M round

March, 2011

Mass High Tech has launched Marginize, an online social networking tool for commenting in the margin of webpages

MHT adopts Marginize comment widget

August, 2010

Marginize raised $650K in seed round from Atlas Venture, Longworth Venture Partners, eonBusiness, SOSventures, Dharmesh Shah, Joe Caruso, Jean Hammond, Bill Warner, Will Herman, David Cohen, and Michael Mark

March, 2010

Marginize raised $12K in seed round from Techstars

TechStars Boston Graduates Ten New Startups In 2010