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Magnetic, the leader in search retargeting, specializes in reaching consumers with relevant display ads based on their search history. As the partner of choice for leading Fortune 500 brands, Magnetic powers both brand awareness and direct response...

Founded in 2008
Total money raised: $16.3M

New York, NY - HQ

10036 311 W 43rd St
Suite 1406

New York
New York

Phone: 877-932-7526

Updated on Aug 5, 2013
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Josh Shatkin-Margolis Founder
Rod Feuer Chief Operating Officer
Alex Dorman CTO
James Green CEO
Joe Riley Vice President, Data
Lou Pine VP of Sales
Rod Feuer VP, Strategy and Operations
Hugh McGoran CRO
Saar Gur Board Member
Soo Jin Oh VP of Operations
Jamie Fishler Director of Marketing
Ryan Ziegler Board Member
Ari Brandt Board Director
Keren Perry-Shamir Director, Product Management
Tod M. Sacerdoti Investor
Matt Novick Interim CEO
Jerry Neumann Chairman of the Board
Mike Peralta COO
Matt Novick CFO
Tory Lynne CRO
Tory Lynne Internet Marketing Specialist
Gus Spathis CTO
Eric Ritter Internet Marketing Specialist
Niels Meersschaert Director User Experience

July, 2012

Magnetic acquired Adnamic in July 2012.

June, 2012

Magnetic raised $10M in a Series B round from Edison Ventures, IA Capital Partners, NYC Seed, Neu Venture Capital, and Charles River Ventures

Magnetic Raises $10M in Series B Funding

October, 2011

Magnetic welcomes James Green as new CEO.

Magnetic Appoints James Green CEO

June, 2010

Magnetic raised $5M in a Series A round from Charles River Ventures, IA Capital Partners, Ron Conway, and Neu Venture Capital

Ad Data's Magnetic Raises $4M

March, 2009

Magnetic raised $1.3M in seed round from Roger Ehrenberg, Rose Tech Ventures, Coriolis Ventures, Neu Venture Capital, Jason Finger, and Founder Collective

EXCLUSIVE: Roger Ehrenberg leads $1.25 M in Domdex


Magnetic was founded in 2008