Lending Club

Borrow or invest in personal loans

Lending Club brings together investors with creditworthy borrowers, reducing the cost and complexity of traditional lending to offer borrowers better rates and investors better returns. Focusing on prime and super-prime quality borrowers enables...

Founded in 2006
Employees: 200
Total money raised: $220.2M


94105 71 Stevenson Street
Suite 300

San Francisco
San Francisco

Phone: (888) 596-3157

Updated on Aug 9, 2013
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Renaud Laplanche Founder & CEO
Angela Loeffler Chief People Officer
John MacIlwaine Chief Technology Officer
Visar Nimani Chief Architect
Scott Sanborn Chief Operating Officer
Carrie Dolan Chief Financial Officer
Jack Cohen Sr VP Collections
Sam Kasle Vice President Retail Investing
Pejman Nozad Investor
Charles Moldow Board Observer
Chaomei Chen Chief Risk Officer
Zhi Zhou VP Credit Risk
Brad Pattelli President, LC Advisors
Sergio Monsalve Board Observer
John Mack Board of Directors
Russell Elmer Deputy General Counsel
Andreas Oesterer Director of Technology
Rebecca Lynn Director
Simon Williams Board of directors
Jason Altieri General Counsel, Compliance Officer
Jonathan Palan Director, Institutional sales
Larry Summers Board of Directors
Jeffrey Crowe Board of Director
Mary Meeker Board of Directors
Jeff Crowe Board of Director
Joaquin Delgado CTO & Co-founder
Joaquin Delgado CTO
Chris Brocoum Vice President, Finance
Rob Garcia VP/Sr Director of Product Strategy
Peter Petras VP Business Development
John Donovan EVP Corporate Development
Patrick Gannon Senior Vice President
Eric Di Benedetto
Joseph Toms Managing Director
Rahul Bhatt Lead software engineer
Praveendra Singh Senior Software Engineer
Wynn Goodchild VP Operations
Saad Khan Advisor
Richard G. Castro Vice President of Finance & Administration
Gary Little Board Observer

May, 2013

Lending Club raised $125M in unattributed round from Google and Foundation Capital

Readying For An IPO, Peer-To-Peer Lending Marketplace Lending Club Raises $125M From Google And Others At $1.6B Valuation

July, 2012

Peter Thomson Invests in Lending Club

June, 2012

Lending Club raised $17.5M in unattributed round from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers

Lending Club Lands $17.5 Million from Kleiner Perkins and Morgan Stanley Chairman John Mack

September, 2011

Lending Club raised unknown amount in unattributed round from Thomvest Ventures and Union Square Ventures

Lending Club Raises Funding from Thomvest and Union Square Ventures

August, 2011

Lending Club raised $25M in a Series D round from Union Square Ventures, Morgenthaler Ventures, Norwest Venture Partners, and Canaan Partners


July, 2011

Lending Club Sets Record with $20 Million in Personal Loans Issued in June

June, 2011

JP Morgan Chase Card Services Credit Executive Joins Lending Club

May, 2011

Lending Club Passes the Quarter-Billion Dollar Mark in Personal Loan Originations

April, 2010

Lending Club raised $24.5M in a Series C round from Foundation Capital, Morgenthaler Ventures, Norwest Venture Partners, and Canaan Partners

Peer Lending Site Lending Club Raises $24.5 Million Series C Round

May, 2009

Lending Club raised $4M in unattributed round from SVB Financial Group and Gold Hill Capital

March, 2009

Lending Club raised $12M in a Series B round from Morgenthaler Ventures, Norwest Venture Partners, and Canaan Partners

Lending Club Gets A $12 Million Credibility Boost

August, 2007

Lending Club raised $10.3M in a Series A round from Canaan Partners and Norwest Venture Partners

Lending Club, Newly Launched P2P Lending Success Story, Secures $10.26 Million in Series A Financing Posted by Lending Club

May, 2007

Lending Club raised $2M in angel funding from Amidzad Partners

October, 2006

Lending Club was founded on October, 2006