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LeftHand Networks Inc. offers data storage systems and IP-based storage area networks (SAN). It offers iSCSI SANs that are composed of multiple storage nodes, pooled together into a single storage system; integrated storage systems; and virtual...

Total money raised: $25M

Updated on Jun 28, 2012
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Raju Bopardikar Chief Technology Officer
Mark Avery VP Enterprise Sales
John Spiers Co-founder and CTO
Bill Chambers Founder / President / CEO
John Hillyard CFO
Larry Cormier VP Marketing
Dave DuPont VP of Marketing and Business Development
David Bangs VP, Worldwide Sales
Matt McCall Board Observer/Investor
Randall Hollis P - Engineering and Operations
Adam Carter Product Manager
Craig Hanson Board Member
Rick Merlo Regional Sales Manager
Dave Barr Director of Software Engineering
Jay Prassl led multiple parts
Jim Burglin Sr. Tech Support Manager
Chris McCall Director of Product Marketing

October, 2008

HP Acquires Lefthand Networks

HP Offers $360 Million For Storage Player LeftHand Networks

September, 2008

Lefthand Networks was acquired by Hewlett-Packard
for $360M

HP Acquires LeftHand Networks to Extend Leadership in Storage and Virtualization Solutions

September, 2005

Lefthand Networks raised $25M in a Series C round from Boulder Ventures, Sequel Venture Partners, Sprout Group, EPIC Ventures, Garage Technology Ventures, New World Ventures, Ironside Ventures, Valhalla Partners, Vista Ventures, JPMorgan Chase & Co, and DFJ Portage Ventures

LeftHand Networks Secures $25 Million in Series C Funding.