Kima Labs

Mobile shopping apps

Kima Labs is a startup founded by Amazon veterans Blake Scholl and Jason Crawford. Their first product is the mobile app Barcode Hero.

Founded in 2010
Total money raised: $770K

94107 649 Mission Street
Suite 500

San Francisco
San Francisco
Updated on Mar 27, 2013
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Blake Scholl Co-founder
Jason Crawford Co-Founder
Aditya Agarwal Investor/Advisor

February, 2012

Kima Labs was acquired by Groupon

Groupon On A Shopping Spree: Buys Mobile Payment Specialist Kima Labs

Kima Labs acquired by Groupon

August, 2010

Kima Labs raised $770K in seed round from SV Angel, Naval Ravikant, Owen Van Natta, The Washington Post Company, Sizhao Yang, and Felicis Ventures


Kima Labs was founded in 2010