Founded by storage experts from EMC, NetApp and IBM, Kaminario is leading the revolution in flash storage by creating a fundamentally new and better way to store and retrieve performance-sensitive data. Kaminario K2 is the first enterprise-grade...

Founded in 2008
Total money raised: $40M

02466 275 Grove Street
Suite 2-400


Phone: 1-877-982-2555

Updated on Jan 28, 2014
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Dani Golan Co-Founder , CEO & Board of Directors
Doron Tal Chief Architect
Issana Raudnitz Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Phil Willams Vice President, Business Development
Shachar Fienblit Vice President, Engineering
Dana Loof Vice President, Marketing
Venky Ganesan Board Member
Chris Lehman Vice President, Sales
Oren Israelson Head of Human Resources
Gil Mandelzis Board of Directors
Ritu Jyoti Vice President, Product Management
Haim Sadger member of the BOD
Itay Shoshani Vice President, Customer Delivery and Operations
Aaron Mankovski Board of Directors
Dave Fachetti Board of Directors
Moshe Selfin Co-founder and Vice President of Marketing & Product
Ofir Dubovi Co-Founder, Vice President & COO
Bartal Vindzberg Vice President & CTO

June, 2012

Kaminario raised $25M in a Series D round from Tenaya Capital, Sequoia Capital, Globespan Capital Partners, and Pitango Venture Capital

Kaminario Secures $25M Series D Funding

May, 2011

Kaminario raised $15M in a Series C round from Globespan Capital Partners, Sequoia Capital, and Pitango Venture Capital

Kaminario Closes $15M Round of Funding


Kaminario was founded in 2008