Location Based Advertising

Jiwire is the dominant leader in connecting advertisers to today’s On-The-Go Mobile Audience. Utilizing the world’s largest location-based interactive media channel, JiWire uniquely engages users when they are out of the home and out of...

Founded in 2003
Total money raised: $39.7M


94108 150 Post St, 5th Floor

San Francisco
San Francisco

Phone: (415) 877-4711

Updated on Jun 10, 2013
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Michael Fordyce CEO
Chris Albinson Chairman
Gregory M. Capitolo CFO
Todd Rose SVP, Business and Corporate Development
Kevin O'Reilly VP, Network Services
Jeff Pittelkau VP, Product Development
John Klein VP, Engineering
Kevin McKenzie Founder
David B. Horowitz Board Member
David Staas SVP, Marketing
Josh Goldman Board Observer
Keith Kilpatrick Product
Dave Courtney CEO
Nihad Hafiz Co-Founder/President & COO
David Courtney Chief Executive Officer
Steve Moynihan VP, National Sales
Andrew Zeiger VP Sales and Business Development
David Blumenfeld SVP, Strategy and Business Development
Dan McKenzie VP, Creative Services
Brian Slitt Director, East Coast Sales
Rick Fulton iOS Developer
Ivan M.Poza Sr. Software Engineer
Jim Schraith Board Director
Anne Bezancon VP, Directory Services
William Stewart Investment

June, 2013

JiWire raised $4M in partial round


December, 2011

New Trends in Location and Mobile Data Unveiled in JiWire Mobile Audience Insights Report

JiWire Mobile Audience Insights Report

May, 2011

JiWire raised $20M in unattributed round from Trident Capital, Comcast Ventures, Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ), Panorama Capital, and Norwest Venture Partners

Location-Based Mobile Advertising Company JiWire Raises $20 Million

November, 2010

JiWire acquired NearbyNow

JiWire Acquires Location-Based Mobile Shopping Platform NearbyNow

August, 2010

JiWire raised $2.1M in debt_round round from Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ), Panorama Capital, and Comcast Ventures

JiWire raises $2.1M for Wi-Fi ads, reports users prefer location-based coupons

May, 2010

JiWire recognized as one of the Hottest San Francisco Companies by Lead411


November, 2009

JiWire Announces Second Mobile Audience Insights Report with a Focus on the Business Traveler

JiWire Announces Second Mobile Audience Insights Report with a Focus on the Business Traveler New study shows 75 percent increase in mobile phones using premium Wi-Fi locations, and that 81 percent of business travelers spend over 30 minutes online

October, 2009

Announced hire of new CEO

Growing Media Company JiWire appoints David Courtney as New CEO

December, 2008

JiWire raised $11.1M in a Series B round from Comcast Ventures and Panorama Capital

JiWire Raises $11.1 Million For Wi-Fi Ad Network

May, 2006

JiWire raised $2.5M in a Series A round from Nob Hill Capital Management, Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ), DFJ Frontier, and Mosaic Asset Management

March, 2003

JiWire was founded on March, 2003