User-controlled radio

Jelli is 100% user-controlled radio, enabling users to take over a radio station using their web browsers. Jelli uses internet crowdsourcing and group empowerment to lobby and affect change over songs played at different radio stations. Launched...

Founded in 2008
Employees: 12
Total money raised: $16M

Jelli, Inc.

94402 4 West 4th Avenue
Suite 206

San Mateo
San Mateo
Updated on Oct 2, 2012
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Michael Dougherty CEO
Jateen Parekh CTO
Josh Kopelman Board Observer
Kent Goldman Board Observer
Paul Dunay Advisory Board Member
Christine Herron Board
Gary Clayton Advisor

October, 2012

Jelli raised $9M in unattributed round from Intel Capital, Relay Ventures, and First Round Capital

Crowdsourced Music Streaming Service Jelli Raises $9 Million, Plans To Go International

May, 2010

Jelli raised $5M in a Series A round from Battery Ventures and First Round Capital

Jelli Secures $7 Million in Series A Funding for Crowdsourced Radio

March, 2010

National Syndication launch

Jelli puts social networks to work picking radio tunes

January, 2010

Jelli raised $2M in seed round from First Round Capital, TriplePoint Capital, Alfred Lin, Emil Michael, Gary Clayton, Peter Sperling, Manny Rivelo, Jeff Cavins, Romi Mahajan, Sanu Desai, Paul Noglows, Michael Dougherty, and Jateen Parekh

Jelli Nabs $2M Seed To Crowdsource Radio Stations

October, 2009

Public Beta Launch

Article: Jelli Beta Gives Traditional Radio Listeners Total Power over Playlists.

September, 2008

Jelli was founded on September, 2008