IP Communications Platform

Jajah is a VoIP service that gives you lower long distance rates by bridging standard phone lines with a cheaper VoIP alternative. You can place Jajah calls by clicking on your contacts through their website (desktop and mobile), various browser...

Founded in 2005
Employees: 110
Total money raised: $33M

Jajah HQ

94043 2513 Charleston Road
Suite 102

Mountain View
Mountain View

Phone: +1-650-963-4847

Updated on May 9, 2013
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Ryan Turner Investor
Haim Sadger Chairman of the board
Roman Scharf Co-founder & President
Michel Veys Chief Operating Officer
Jeff Baeth CFO and Board Member
Trevor Healy Chief Executive Officer
Don Thorson VP Global Marketing
Paul Naphtali VP Global Marketing
Daniel Mattes Co-founder, Chairman
Amichay Oren Chief Technology Officer
Frederik Hermann Director Global Marketing
Venky Ganesan Board Member
Ori Soen General Manager JAJAH Business
Ben Dean Leader of Engineering Team
Jon Sonnenschein Director, Product Management
Shaherose Charania Director, Product Management / Global Marketing
Markus Rumler PR

December, 2009

Jajah was acquired by O2
for $207M

Confirmed: Jajah Sold For $207 Million

June, 2009

Connects 1 billionth call, Courtesy Of Yahoo Voice


March, 2009

Jajah raised $5M in a Series D round

July, 2008

JAJAH Customers Can Get Their Own Personal Internet Assistant at Pageonce

JAJAH Customers Can Get Their Own Personal Internet Assistant at Pageonce JAJAH customers on Pageonce to receive their own JAJAH Widget to track and manage all their calls

JAJAH and EMOBILE Launch World's First Wireless IP-Telephony Service in Japan

June, 2008

Gizmo5 Partners with Jajah


May, 2007

Jajah raised $20M in a Series C round from Intel and T-Venture

April, 2006

Jajah raised $5M in a Series B round from Globespan Capital Partners

March, 2006

Jajah raised $3M in a Series A round from Sequoia Capital

January, 2005

Jajah was founded on January, 2005