Fabless high-speed analog semiconductors

Inphi Corporation provides high-speed analog semiconductor solutions for the communications and computing markets in the United States. The company offers products that perform a range of functions, such as amplifying, encoding, multiplexing,...

Founded in 2000
Employees: 151
Total money raised: $24.1M

Phone: (408) 217-7300

Updated on Oct 9, 2012
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Dado Banatao Chairman
Young Sohn CEO
Paco Sandejas VC Investor
Dr. Makimoto Advisor

November, 2010

The company completed IPO , and raised 93.8K$ in gross proceeeds

INPHI IPO in November 2010

December, 2005

INPHI raised $12M in a Series D round from Mayfield Fund, Flextronics International, Walden International, and Tallwood Venture Capital

Inphi, supplying high-speed precision ICs, confirms $12m funding but refuses further comment

December, 2004

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Inphy secured 18M$ in funding

February, 2001

INPHI raised $12.1M in a Series A round

SEC Filing Via Liquid Scenarios Search2Model

November, 2000

INPHI was founded on November, 2000