Ingenuity Systems

Founded in 1998 by Stanford graduate students, Ingenuity Systems is a company that is taking on the challenge of next-generation knowledge management for the life sciences community. It’s long term focus on innovation in semantic search,...

Founded in 1998
Total money raised: $15.4M

94063 1700 Seaport Blvd
Third Floor

Redwood City
Redwood City

Phone: 650-381-5100

Updated on Sep 4, 2013
Ingenuity Systems at CrunchBase
Ramon Felciano Chief Technology Officer, VP, Research and Co-Founder
Jake Leschly President & CEO
Doug Bassett CTO
Sean Scott SVP, Global Sales and Operations
Bryant Macy SVP, Products & Marketing
Jason Gammack SVP; Global Commercial Operations
Jim Swartz Director
Daniel Shiffman SVP Engineering and Operations
Mike Ward Board member
Peter DiLaura Senior Vice President of Products and Marketing
Raymond McCauley Sr. Scientific Engineer

April, 2013

Ingenuity Systems was acquired by Qiagen

QIAGEN Acquires Ingenuity Systems, Adding Leading Solution for Analysis and Interpretation of Complex Biological Data

July, 2010

Ingenuity Systems raised $15.4M in unattributed round from Accel Partners, Morgan Stanley Venture Partners, and Three Arch Partners

Life science startup Ingenuity Systems brings in $15.4M


Ingenuity Systems was founded in 1998