Ingenio has been a leading pay-per-call advertising solution since 2004, when they launched the Ingenio Pay Per Call Advertising Network offering advertisers an end-to-end solution for placing click to call ads, targeting them to users via...

Founded in 1999
Employees: 120

94105 PMB #331
100 First Street, Suite 100

San Francisco
San Francisco

Phone: 415-248-4000

Updated on Mar 18, 2013
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Karl Jacob CEO and Founder
Sean Van der Linden Creator and Co-Founder, VP Customer Operation
Scott Faber Creator/Co-Founder
Mark Britto CEO & President
Ebbe Altberg Chief Product Officer
Scott Faber Vice President
Ron Hirson Vice President of Program Management
Michael Fordyce VP of Business Development and Sales
Marc Barach Chief Marketing Officer
Kevin Harvey Board
Todd Rose Director, Business Development
Anita Garimella Andrews Director, Program Management
Ray Johnson DIrector of Engineering
Barbara Messing Director
Ron Hirson Director of Program Management and User Interface
Paul Manca EVP
Ross Weinstein GM and Director, Business Development and Sales
Chandru Venkataraman Lead Software Engineer
Valerie Combs Senior Manager, Corp Comm
Mitch Muroff Director, Risk Management
Ya-Yung Cheng Group Lead, Sr. Marketing Manager
Doug Hickey Board Member

November, 2007

Ingenio was acquired by AT&T


Ingenio was founded in 1999