Database for Machine-Generated Data

Infobright develops and markets a high performance, self-tuning analytic database designed for applications and data marts that analyze large volumes of “machine-generated data” such as web data, network logs, telecom records, stock tick...

Founded in 2005
Employees: 50
Total money raised: $21M


M5E1P8 403-47 Colborne Street

Toronto, Ontario
Toronto, Ontario

Phone: +15082510376

Updated on Aug 23, 2013
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DON DELOACH President and CEO
Dominik Slezak Chief Scientist
Graham Toppin VP and Chief Technology Officer
Laurence Gutcher VP and Chief Financial Officer
Tim Tyrrell Vice President, Sales
Paul Desjardins VP Business Development
Mark Burton Independent Board Member and Advisor
Jeff Kibler Community Manager
Rob Antoniades Board Member
Chip Hazard Board Member
Andre Boisvert Board Member
Roger Bodamer Board Member & Strategic Advisor
Mark Burton Interim CEO
Miriam Tuerk CEO
Bob Zurek VP and CTO
Paul Desjardins VP Sales
Victoria Eastwood VP Engineering
Roger Cummings VP Sales Operations
Susan Davis VP Marketing and Product Management
Miriam Tuerk Strategic Advisor
Mark Windrim VP Community Relations
Mark Windrim Strategy & Product Management

May, 2010

Software Industry Veteran Don DeLoach Named as Infobright CEO

October, 2009

Mark Burton has been appointed to Interim CEO effective October 20, 2009.

Infobright Appoints Mark Burton Interim CEO

January, 2008

Infobright raised $10M in a Series C round from RBC Venture Partners, Flybridge Capital Partners, and Sun Microsystems

Infobright Raises $10 Million in Series C Funding

September, 2007

Infobright raised $8M in a Series B round from RBC Venture Partners and Flybridge Capital Partners

Infobright Announces $8M Series B Investment Lead by IDG Ventures Boston.

January, 2006

Infobright raised $3M in a Series A round from RBC Venture Partners


Infobright was founded in 2005