Infinity Box

Chris Campbell, Kevin Hale and Ryan Campbell founded Infinity Box Inc. on the belief that forms were the starting point for building anything useful on the web. The problem they saw was that one of the most efficient and used interfaces for...

Founded in 2006
Employees: 7
Total money raised: $118K

33626 12157 W. Linebaugh Ave.
PMB 327

Updated on Jun 23, 2012
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Tags:   forms   generation   lead   lead-generation   payments   polls   registrations   surveys

Ryan Campbell Co-founder
Kevin Hale Co-founder
Alex Vazquez Chief Rainmaker
Chris Campbell Co-founder
Elaine Campbell Number Crusher
Chris Coyier
Mike Wong
Tim Sabat Minister of Power
Andrew Gosnell Secret Agent
Jen Bjers

April, 2011

Infinity Box was acquired by SurveyMonkey
for $35M

Another Y Combinator Win: WuFoo Exits For $35 Million, After Raising Only $118,000

Aquired by SurveyMonkey

April, 2006

Infinity Box raised $100K in angel funding from Paul Graham and Paul Buchheit

How Wufoo Turned A Profit In 9 Months By Selling Slick, Simple Forms – with Kevin Hale

January, 2006

Infinity Box was founded on January, 2006

Infinity Box raised $18K in seed round from Y Combinator

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