Indicative Software

Business Service Management

As of April 8, 2008, Indicative Software, Inc. was acquired by Nimsoft, Inc. Indicative Software, Inc., a software company, offers service delivery optimization solutions. The company develops network visualization, monitoring, and administration...

Founded in 2003
Total money raised: $6M

80525 724 Whalers Way
Building I

Fort Collins
Fort Collins

Phone: 970-530-0790

Updated on Apr 19, 2010
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Craig Hanson Board Member

April, 2008

Indicative Software was acquired by Nimsoft

Nimsoft Acquires Indicative

April, 2006

Indicative Software raised $6M in a Series B round from Sequel Venture Partners, Vista Ventures, and Sutter Hill Ventures

Indicative Software gets $6M financing


Indicative Software was founded in 2003