Hoffmann-La Roche

Pharmaceutical Research

Hoffmann-La Roche, Inc., also known as Roche, is a research-oriented pharmaceutical company. It provides medications in the areas of infectious diseases, metabolic diseases, neurology, oncology, transplantation and virology, AIDS, cardiovascular...

Founded in 1905

07110-1199 340 Kingsland Street


Phone: 973-235-5000

Updated on Sep 21, 2009
Hoffmann-La Roche at CrunchBase
William M. Burns CEO
Michael Sherman Researcher
Winfried Mayer Head of Chugai Collaborations Japan of Global Pharma Technical Operations
Fritz Buhler Head of Global Clinical R&D & Chief Medical Officer
John Monahan Research Group Chief, Department of Molecular Genetics
Douglas Sanders Director and Chief Auditor - Pharmaceutical Division
George B. Abercrombie President and Chief Executive Officer
Kevan Clemens Executive Vice President, Business Director
Kapil Dhingra Vice President
L.Patrick Gage Vice president
Christine Aylward Director
Roger D. Graham Director, Marketing
Lolwa Fawzy clinical research and pharmacovigilance
Loni da Silva Sr Director Regulatory Affairs
Laurent Fischer Senior Management
Arthur Levin Research Leader
James Sapirstein Several
Arthur D. Levinson Board of Directors
Fazal R. Khan Director of Biopharmaceuticals Development and Manufacturing
Micheal Step corporate development and strategic planning
Paul J. Hastings marketing and sales management positions
Evelyn Harrison Director, Clinical Operations
Patrick Crilly Senior Management Positions
Denis O’Shaughnessy
Louis Schmukler Leadership roles
Valerie Calenda
Jan Mous Head of Genomics and Proteomics

December, 2012

Hoffmann-La Roche invested $10M in Allakos as partial round

November, 2008

Hoffmann-La Roche acquired Memory Pharmaceuticals for $62.9M

Roche Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire Memory Pharmaceuticals

April, 2008

Hoffmann-La Roche acquired Piramed for $175M

Roche fully acquires privately-owned biotech company Piramed


Hoffmann-La Roche was founded in 1905