Shift Worker Trading

HaveMyShift is a tool that allows hourly shift workers to trade shifts online. The company is using a grassroots approach and encourages employees to sign up and trade shifts with or without the blessing of the company itself. HaveMyShift is...

Founded in 2009
Employees: 3
Total money raised: $12K


60614 Chicago

Phone: 3124361104

Updated on Jun 27, 2012
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Randy Janzen Founder
Sean Corbett Founder, CEO
Drew Gilliam Founder, COO

March, 2012

HaveMyShift has helped nearly 7,000 employees at major companies manage their work-life balance to date.

Argo Tea Employees Easily Swap Work Shifts in Successful Pilot Program with HaveMyShift

Inspired by Local Stars Like Groupon as Well as More Venture-Capital Funding, Entrepreneurs Nurture Local Connections

HaveMyShift name a hot Chicago Startup by WSJ

September, 2009

HaveMyShift was founded on September, 2009

HaveMyShift raised $12K in seed round from Techstars

TechStars Debuts Nine Startups In Boston