Grocery Shopping Network

GSN started in April of 1996 as a developer of Internet Web sites for the grocery industry. In 1998 the company added to its product offering. was a pioneer in on-line grocery shopping. With this experience the company...

Founded in 1996
Total money raised: $7M

55402 900 Lumber Exchange Building
10 South Fifth Street


Phone: 612-238-4940

Richard Andolshek Vice Chairman & Co-Founder
David Carlick Director and Chairman
Scott Simerlein VP of Technology & Development
Robert Krajeski President
Rob Furst Board of Directors
Stephen D. Grey Board of Directors
Gregory Lewis Board of Directors
Patrick Gallagher Board of Directors
Rick Prostko Director

August, 2007

Grocery Shopping Network raised $7M in a Series A round from VantagePoint Capital Partners

Grocery Shopping Network Raises 1st Round of $7M

April, 1996

Grocery Shopping Network was founded on April, 1996