Gloucester Pharmaceuticals

Gloucester Pharmaceuticals is a biopharmaceutical company owned by Celgene that acquires clinical-stage oncology drug candidates with the goal of advancing them through regulatory approval and commercialization. Gloucester’s first compound,...

Total money raised: $30.7M

02142 One Broadway, 14th Floor


Phone: 617-583-1300

Martin Vogelbaum Co-Founder
Donald J. Hayden, Jr. Chairman
Karen Hong Board of Directors
Mark Leschly Board of Directors
Thomas Dyrberg Board of Directors
Andy Strayer Vice President of Clinical Operations
David Schnell Director

December, 2009

Gloucester Pharmaceuticals was acquired by Celgene
for $640M

Gloucester Pharma selling for $640M to Celgene

August, 2009

Gloucester Pharmaceuticals raised $29M in a Series D round from Novo Ventures, Apple Tree Partners, ProQuest Investments, Prospect Venture Partners, and Rho Capital Partners

Gloucester Pharmaceuticals Completes $29 Million Financing

April, 2009

Gloucester Pharmaceuticals raised $1.7M in debt_round round