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Connected People Change History. Gist provides the only full view of the contacts in your professional network by creating rich business profiles that include the most news, status updates and work details. All contacts in one place Gist...

Total money raised: $10.8M

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Updated on May 15, 2013
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T.A. McCann CEO
Steve Newman CTO
Steve Hall Board Member
Jennifer Pitts Marketing
Robert Pease VP, Marketing
Brad Feld Board Member
Mattias Bergstrom Technical Director
Shane Mac Marketing

February, 2011

Gist was acquired by Blackberry

Research In Motion Acquires Professional Contact Manager Gist

July, 2010

Gist raised $4M in unattributed round from Vulcan Capital and Foundry Group

Gist Gets $4 Million and the Catalyst is the Cloud

Gist lands $4M to help manage Facebook, Twitter and more

Gist Raises $4M More from Vulcan and Foundry Group

June, 2010

Gist named in Lead411's Hottest Seattle Companies

Lead411's Hottest Seattle Companies

March, 2010

Gist acquired Learn That Name

Gist Acquires Startup Weekend App ‘Learn That Name’

May, 2009

Gist raised $6.8M in a Series A round from Foundry Group and Vulcan Capital

How Foundry Group Got the Gist of T.A. McCann’s Startup: Anatomy of a Software Deal