Peer-to-peer carsharing marketplace

Getaround provides a peer-to-peer carsharing marketplace that enables car owners to rent their cars - from Priuses to Teslas - to a community of trusted drivers by hour, day, or week using just their smartphones. Car owners invest huge amounts of...

Founded in 2009
Total money raised: $19M


94103 1233 Howard Street

San Francisco
San Francisco

Phone: 1-866-GETAROUND

Updated on Mar 14, 2013
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Elliot Kroo Founder and Director of Engineering
Sam Zaid Founder & CEO
Jessica Scorpio Co-Founder/Director of Marketing
Nitesh Banta Advisor and Founding Team Member
Alexander Lambert Creative Director
Avery Lewis Head of Product
Brian Martelli Investor
Shervin Pishevar
Alexander Lambert Product Design Manager

August, 2012

Getaround raised $13.9M in a Series A round from Menlo Ventures, Marissa Mayer, A-Grade Investments, Innovation Endeavors, Collaborative Fund, Correlation Ventures, and SOSventures

Getaround Raises $13.9M Series A Led By Menlo Ventures, Launches Getaway For Managed Car Rentals

December, 2011

Getaround raised $1.7M in grant round

P2P Car Sharing Startup Getaround Gets $1.7 Million Grant For Portland Launch

September, 2011

Getaround raised $3.4M in seed round from Marc Randolph, Barney Pell, Matt Mullenweg, Redpoint Ventures, General Catalyst Partners, Venture51, CrunchFund, and Bruno Bowden

Car Rental Marketplace Getaround Gets Around $3.4 Million

January, 2011

Getaround raised unknown amount in seed round from Barney Pell, Angus Davis, Redpoint Ventures, and Fritz Lanman

Getaround Eyes Facebook, Electric Cars for P2P Car Sharing

September, 2009

Getaround was founded on September, 2009