General Motors

General Motors Company engages in the manufacture and sale of cars and trucks in the United States, China, Brazil, Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Italy. It offers sedans, crossovers, sport utility vehicles, pick-up trucks, coupes,...

Founded in 2009

48265 300 Renaissance Center


Phone: 313-556-5000

Updated on Nov 27, 2013
General Motors at CrunchBase
Chris Liddell CFO
Ron Yuille Vice President of Powertrain Engineering
Charlie O'Donnell
Robert K. Rowe
Scott Bailey
James J. Mulva Director
Gary E. Dickerson Engineering Management
Ana Abraham Team Member
Thomas M. Schoewe Board of Directors
Mark Shermetaro
Mark Shost product engineer
Patricia F. Russo Board Director
Shirley Young vice president
Ayodeji Olubusi Team Member
John Prior, Jr. Financial Advisory
Rick Wagoner President / CEO
Robert A. Lutz Vice Chairman of Global Product Development
Jeffrey Augustin MD / CIO - Affiliated Computer Services
Jennifer Li Chief Financial Officer
Alan Taub Vice President of Global Research & Development
Louis R. Hughes Executive Vice President
James A. Spencer Executive Vice President
Jon Lauckner Vice President of Global Program Management
Robert Purcell Vice President, Sr. Exec
Bob Purcell Sr. Exec, VP GM Powertrain
Philip Guarascio Vice President of Corporate Advertising and Marketing
Donald Runkle President-Energy & Engine Management, President-Saginaw Steering, Vice President-Engineering
Sandeep Casi Sr Programmer, Virtual Reality Labs
Yu Ping Member of A Small Team
Bob Gingras Global Process Information Officer / e - Commerce Director
Robert Esselstein Administrator, Operations and Strategic Planning
Phil Laskawy Independent Director
Jennifer Li Controller
Munaf Assaf Algorithm Design Engineer
Gary Convis various manufacturing and operational roles
Qasar Younis Engineer
Joe Mancini GM Corp. Safety Center - Safety Integration Group Intern
Stephane Bello Assistant Treasurer
Jay Flaherty Director Sales Operations, Regional Marketing Manager - Chevrolet Western Region
David James Biske Various Positions
Matthew L. Scullin Researcher
Prasad Akella General Motors
Judy Hu Executive Director, Advertising and Marketing, Strategy and Operations
Shahin Farshchi Engineer
Phil Murtaugh President
Piyush Rawat Project Trainee
Larry Dominique
Jeffrey J. Owens Engineering Position
Keith D. Stipp Financial Staff
Sidney Johnson Various Designation
James A. Spencer Engineering Position
Gary L. Cowger President of GM North America
Adnan Hamid Subject Matter Expert
Brendan Dillon ERP Systems
Paul D. Ballew General Motors Corporation's Executive Director for Global Market and Industry Analysis
Chetan Maini
Byron Mccormick Executive Director
Louis R. Hughes Financial Executive
Tony Posawatz Vehicle Line Director/Executive - Chevrolet Volt & Global Electric Vehicle Development, Vehicle Line Director - Hybrid & Premium, Mid & Lux Car Programs, Vehicle Line Director and Planning Director - Full-size Trucks
Manel Sweetmore Management Training
Denise Gray Director Energy Storage Systems, Director, Global Transmission Controls Engineering, Director, Global Engine and Transmission Electronic Controls, Director, Global Powertrain Software Engineering, Engineering - Powertrain Software, Engineering - Electro-M
Ken Stewart Director of New Ventures
Franz von Holzhausen Design Manager
Jennifer Li Several Finance Positions
Amy Villeneuve Account/Programs Manager
Jim Rollenhagen Software Engineer
Dan Barahona Safety & Crashworthiness Engineer
Aditya Vij General Motors India Ltd.
Jeffrey Amann Design Engineer
Derek Hopper Temporary Hourly Worker
Reuben Sarkar Various Positions
Karen Francis General Manager
Sandeep Johri Quality Assurance Engineer
Manthi Nguyen Project Engineer
Tom Gentile Trade Analyst
Rudy Wedenoja Global IT Operations Executive
Rick Huibregtse
Rodney O'Neal Engineering Position
John M. Fuerst Engineering Position
Kevin M. Butler Director of Global Human Resources
Timothy C. McCabe Director of Global Outsourcing
Gary L. Cowger Group Vice President of Global Manufacturing and Labor Relations
Gary L. Cowger President of GM de Mexico
Aaron Oppenheimer Consumer Products
Tom Beckley Engineering and Management
Emanuele A. Conti Leadership Positions
Jeffrey Kurtz
Kathleen Ligocki
Karl J. Krapek Manager of Car Assembly Operations for the Pontiac Motor Car Division

November, 2013

GM Foundation Grants $2.9 Million to Higher Education

January, 2011

GM Plugs Into Powermat With $5M And Commercial Pact

June, 2010

GM Launches Venture Capital Arm, Starting With $100M


General Motors was founded in 2009

June, 1984

General Motors acquired EDS for $2,600B

Hewlett-Packard Buying EDS, Once GM Owned