Gazillion Entertainment

Gazillion Entertainment is a privately held developer and publisher of massively multiplayer online (MMO) games for all ages. Gazillion’s MMOs feature revered brands and original properties, superior production quality and unmatched gameplay....

Founded in 2005
Total money raised: $80M

94402 475 Concar Drive

San Mateo
Updated on Apr 3, 2013
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John Needham CEO
Erick Hachenburg Executive Chairman & Board Member
Ben Dahl Board Observer
Robert Hutter Co-Founder
Bhavin Shah Co-Founder, COO, & Board Member
John Young General Manager, Publishing and Revenue Design
Ed Lu Dir of Finance
Scott English Board Director
Sedar Copur Executive Producer

August, 2011

Gazillion Entertainment raised $20M in unattributed round from Oak Investment Partners

Gazillion raises $20M of a new nearly $50M round

November, 2010

Gazillion Entertainment raised $60M in a Series C round from Temasek Holdings, Oak Investment Partners, and Hearst Ventures

Gazillion Entertainment and Temasek Holdings Announce Investment Partnership


Gazillion Entertainment was founded in 2005