white-label personal cloud solution

Funambol is the leader of white-label digital lifestyle personal cloud solutions for mobile operators, content providers and other companies that want to provide a personal cloud service. Funambol’s solution, OneMediaHub, enables end users to...

Founded in 2002
Employees: 75
Total money raised: $8.8M


94404 1065 E. Hillsdale Blvd #400

Foster City
Foster City

Phone: +1 650 701 1450

Updated on Oct 3, 2013
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Amit Chawla CEO
Fabrizio Capobianco President & Chairman
Alberto Onetti CFO
David Shimoni EVP Global Sales
Stefano Fornari VP Engineering & Services
Hal Steger VP Marketing
Ata Rasekhi VP Products
Michel Wendell Board Member
Fred Sturgis Board Director
Carl Stjernfeldt BOD
Michel J. Maeso Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales
Jason Finkelstein Product Manager

October, 2012

Funambol raised $5.8M in unattributed round from Nexit Ventures, Castile Ventures, and H.I.G. Ventures

Funambol gets $5.75M to fuel mobile carriers’ cloud services

August, 2011

Funambol raised $3M in a Series D round



Funambol was founded in 2002