Financial Software Provider

FTRANS, located in Atlanta, GA, develops software for businesses and financial institutions. Specifically, the company provides a complete accounts receivable and credit management solution which enables businesses to operate more efficiently and...

Founded in 2003
Employees: 40
Total money raised: $14.1M

Corporate Headquarters

30308 75 Fifth Street
Suite 440


Phone: 678-268-4000

Updated on Jul 21, 2013
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Brian Hirsch Investor and board member
Michael Seckler Board Member
Laney Woolfolk Lewis Marketing Manager

July, 2013

FTRANS raised $2.6M in unattributed round from Greenhill Capital Partners, New Atlantic Ventures, and Total Technology Ventures

Fintech firm FTRANS raising $2.56M

May, 2010

FTRANS raised $4M in unattributed round from Tribeca Venture Partners, Total Technology Ventures, and New Atlantic Ventures

FTRANS Closes $4 Million in Additional Funding

May, 2008

FTRANS raised $7.5M in unattributed round from Silicon Alley Venture Partners, New Atlantic Ventures, Total Technology Ventures, and Tribeca Venture Partners

FTrans raises $7,500,000


FTRANS was founded in 2003