Foldrx Pharmaceuticals

FoldRx Pharmaceuticals, Inc. engages in the discovery and development of disease modifying drug therapies for diseases of protein misfolding and amyloidosis. The companyТs pipeline includes a program in advanced clinical development to treat...

Founded in 2003
Total money raised: $29M

02140 100 Acorn Park Drive
5th Floor


Phone: 617-252-5500

Updated on Jun 16, 2010
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Richard Labaudinière President and CEO
Geoffrey Duyk Board Member
Ed Hurwitz Investor
Susan L. Lindquist Co-Founder
Stephen Knight Director
Heath Lukatch Board of Directors
Wei Li Board Observer

September, 2010

Foldrx Pharmaceuticals was acquired by Pfizer

Pfizer To Acquire FoldRx Pharmaceuticals

June, 2010

Foldrx Pharmaceuticals raised $29M in unattributed round from Novo Ventures, Morgenthaler Ventures, HealthCare Ventures, Fidelity Biosciences, TPG Biotechnology Partners, Alta Partners, and Novartis Venture Fund

FoldRx banks $29M for neurodegenerative drug application


Foldrx Pharmaceuticals was founded in 2003