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Launched in 1999, Finaventures focuses on early to mid-stage and growth equity technology companies with a dynamic management team and a clear value proposition to its targeted market segment. Innovations in the web space with a clear paradigm shift...

Founded in 1999
Employees: 4

Los Angeles Office:

90405 3340 Ocean Park Park Boulevard, Suite 1050

Santa Monica
Santa Monica
Updated on Mar 28, 2011
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Rachid Sefrioui Founder & Managing Director
Sam Lee Managing Director
Suresh Nihalani Partner

April, 2008

Finaventures invested $14.5M in NexPlanar as a Series C round

October, 2006

Finaventures invested $16M in Atrenta as a Series D round

July, 2005

Finaventures invested $9.7M in Apogee Photonics as unattributed round

October, 1999

Finaventures was founded on October, 1999