Fat Spaniel Technologies

Renewable Energy Monitoring

Founded in 2003, Fat Spaniel Technologies is the leading independent provider of critical monitoring and reporting services for the renewable energy industry. Today, the company’s solutions are utilized by solar power producers, financiers, system...

Founded in 2003
Total money raised: $32.6M

Corporate Office

95113 2 W. Santa Clara Street, 5th Floor

San Jose
San Jose

Phone: 408-279-5262

Updated on Apr 30, 2013
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Robert Puette Chairman
Brett Francis VP Engineering and Software Architecture
Tom Tansy VP Marketing
John Ludwig Director
David F. Lincoln
Mike Walkinshaw Director
Matthew Powell CEO
Hitesh Shah COO / CFO
Ron Lloyd COO

October, 2010

Fat Spaniel Technologies was acquired by Power-One

Fat Spaniel Acquired

December, 2009

Fat Spaniel Technologies raised $4.6M in debt_round round


January, 2008

Fat Spaniel Technologies raised $18M in a Series B round from Applied Ventures, Element Partners, Ignition Partners, Chrysalix Energy, and Pacific Corporate Group

Fat Spaniel Energy Monitoring Specialist Secures $4.6M

November, 2007

Fat Spaniel Technologies raised $3M in unattributed round

Fat Spaniel raises $3M bridge for renewable power tracking

October, 2006

Fat Spaniel Technologies raised $7M in a Series A round from Element Partners and Chrysalix Energy

Performance monitoring startup Fat Spaniel lands $7M


Fat Spaniel Technologies was founded in 2003