Fab is an online design store. Their worldwide customer base uses Fab to discover everyday design products at great prices, to connect with the world’s most exciting designers, and to share their favorite design inspirations.

Founded in 2011
Employees: 45
Total money raised: $336.3M

10014 95 Morton Street
8th Floor

New York
New York

Phone: 1-877-463-4322

Updated on Dec 13, 2013
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Sunil Khedar Founder & SVP, Engineering
Deepa Shah Founder
Jason Goldberg Founder & CEO, Board of Director
Bradford Shane Shellhammer Founder and Chief Design Officer
Nishith Shah Founder and Chief Technology Officer
Tom Beverley Vice President, Marketing Europe
Matt Baer Senior Vice President Merchandising Operations, Senior Director Operations, Manager, Buying Team
David Lapter Chief Financial Officer
Klaus Hommels Investor
Oleg Tscheltzoff Investor
Sheezan Bakali VP, Strategy & Analytics
Igor Victor Berlin Senior Production Designer
Eleanor Bowley Director of Buying, Europe, Buyer Europe, Jewellery / Health & Beauty / Services
Daniel Butera Senior Director, Warehouse Operations
James Choi Director of Transportation
James Mitchell Board of Directors
Howard Morgan Board of Directors
Kirill Sheynkman Investor
Jay Levy Investor
Ramesh Kumar Product Manager
Maria Molland Chief European Officer
Navin Chaddha Venture Investor
Bhojani Ashfaq Director, Admin
Stephen Bamonte Global Art Director, Merchandising
Rob Bongaerts Senior Vice President Logistics
Tanja Burmeister Director, Strategic Accounts
Lingy Chan Art Director, Europe, Production Director, UK, Production Manager
Jeff Jordan Board of Directors
Allen Morgan Board of Directors
Geoffrey Prentice Board of Directors
Nishu Goyal Director of Software
Shervin Pishevar
Victor Belogub investor
Beth Ferreira COO
Scott Ballantyne CMO
Megan Charnley Editorial Director, Europe
Sean P. Doherty Supply Chain Manager
Nishu Goyal Investor

August, 2013

Fab raised $5M in a Series D round from ITOCHU Corporation

After Retrenching In Europe, Fab Raises Another $5M From ITOCHU Corp. In Series D Expansion, Aims For Japan JV By 2014

July, 2013

Fab raised $10M in a Series D round from SingTel Innov8

Eyeing Potential Growth In Asia, Fab Raises $10M From Singaporean Telecom Giant SingTel

June, 2013

Fab raised $150M in a Series D round from Atomico, Andreessen Horowitz, Menlo Ventures, RTP Ventures, Pinnacle Ventures, DoCoMo Capital, and Itochu Technology Ventures

Fab Grabs $150M At $1B Valuation (And Is Raising Another $100M+ More)

November, 2012

Fab acquired True Sparrow Systems

Designer Ecommerce Hub Goes Shopping, Acquires Indian Tech Partner True Sparrow Systems

Fab raised $15M in a Series C round from VTB Capital Investment Management and Phenomen Ventures

At 9 Million Users Strong, Fab Raises More Money And Is Just Getting Warmed Up

July, 2012

Fab raised $105M in a Series C round from Andreessen Horowitz, Menlo Ventures, First Round, Baroda Ventures, RTP Ventures, Pinnacle Ventures, DoCoMo Capital, Mayfield Fund, Atomico, and Phenomen Ventures

Fab Seals The Deal On $105 Million In New Funding

June, 2012

Fab acquired LLUSTRE

Ten Week-Old Llustre Is Acquired by After A Blistering European Roll-Up

Fab Expands To Its 20th Country: Canada; Now On Track To $140M In Sales By Year-End

May, 2012 Has 4.5M Members, CEO Wants To Work With Pinterest (But Doesn’t Actually Use It)

Fab Celebrates 4 Million Members and 2 Million Orders With A Whole New Redesign

March, 2012

Fab Soars To 3 Million Members And 1 Million Sold Items In 9 Months

February, 2012

Fab acquired Casacanda


Fab has acquired Casacanda, the #1 flash sales website for design objects in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

January, 2012

Fab Hits 2 Million Members, Plots International Expansion, Opens For All

Fab acquired FashionStake Acquires Indie Fashion Marketplace FashionStake

December, 2011

Fab raised $40M in a Series B round from Andreessen Horowitz, Menlo Ventures, First Round Capital, Baroda Ventures, and SoftTech VC

Design-Focused Flash Sales Site Raises $40M From Andreessen Horowitz, Ashton Kutcher

November, 2011

Fab Hits 1 Million Users 5 Months After Launch

August, 2011

Fab raised $7.7M in a Series A round from Menlo Ventures, First Round Capital, Baroda Ventures, The Washington Post Company, Jason Goldberg, SoftTech VC, SV Angel, Ashton Kutcher, Guy Oseary, Zelkova Ventures, Kevin Rose, Jon Anderson, Don Baer, Dave Morgan, David Tisch, A-Grade Investments, Thrive Capital, Ben Ling, and BoxGroup

Ashton Kutcher-Backed Closes $7.7 Million

July, 2011

Fab raised $1M in seed round from SV Angel, SoftTech VC, First Round Capital, and Baroda Ventures Claims To Be Profitable On $1.3M In Revenue After 30 Days, Raises $1M

June, 2011

Fab was founded on June, 2011

Scoop: Launches Online Design Store, Ashton Kutcher Invests

December, 2010

Fab raised $1.8M in seed round from First Round Capital, The Washington Post Company, Baroda Ventures, Zelkova Ventures, and SoftTech VC

Social Network For Gay Men Fabulis Rebrands To, Raises $1.75 Milli

June, 2010

Fab raised $250K in seed round from Baroda Ventures

Exclusive: GeoCities founder invests in gay social network Fabuli

Correction (simple math): Fabulis receives additional $200k in Series A funding. (6/30/10)

January, 2010

Fab raised $625K in angel funding from The Washington Post Company, Allen Morgan, Lars Hinrichs, and Don Baer

Social Net For Gay Men Fabulis Raises $625K From WaPo, Others