Extricom is the designer and manufacturer of the award-winning Interference-Freeâ„¢ Wireless LAN System, a new generation of enterprise WLAN infrastructure for providing converged data, voice (VoWLAN), and video services. This unique wireless...

Total money raised: $15M


10005 110 Wall Street, 7th Floor

New York
New York

Phone: +1 212 240 3896

Updated on Apr 30, 2013
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February, 2009

Extricom raised unknown amount in unattributed round from Magma Venture Partners and Vertex Venture Capital

Extricom Announces Strategic Realignment for 2009

October, 2006

Extricom raised $12M in a Series C round from Motorola Solutions Venture Capital, Belden, Vertex Venture Capital, and Magma Venture Partners

Extricom Lands US$12 Million Series C Financing

January, 2006

Extricom raised $3M in a Series C round from Vertex Venture Capital and Motorola Solutions Venture Capital