network attached storage systems

Exanet Ltd. designs network attached storage systems. It offers ExaStore, a solution with a clustered distributed file system; ExaSync software that offers a method of protecting and recovering data, providing mirroring between local or remote...

Founded in 2000
Total money raised: $18M


43657 4 Hacharoshet Street
Post Office Box 2273


Phone: 972 9 769 8888

Updated on Nov 15, 2013
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Yossi Ben-Shoshan CTO
Mike Laor CFO
Ohad Finkelstein Board Member
Boaz Dinte Board Member
Mark Weiner President & CEO
Nir Peleg Executive Vice President of R&D
Elsa Shweid Sales & Account Management Director for the Digital Media EMEA/ APAC
Dror Granot
Robert Hofner Director of Cluster Software Development
Eyal Traitel Manager of Product Marketing
Amnon Strasser VP of Software Development and Technologies
Or Sagi
Shachar Shalom In Charge of Construction

February, 2010

Exanet was acquired by Dell
for $12M

Texas TechPulse

June, 2007

Exanet raised $18M in a Series E round from Evergreen Venture Partners, Microdent, Intel Capital, Coral Capital Management, Kodak Polychrome Graphics, CSK Venture Capital, and QVT Financial

Exanet Raises $18 Million in Round of Financing Led by Coral Capital Management


Exanet was founded in 2000